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caused the crash. >> a u.s. senator has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. flooes idaho and was pulled over in virginia after running a red light and failing a field sobriety test. he has a court date in january. the senatorsaid he is deeply sorry for his actions. >> for the second year in the a row the ravens are the afc champions. here is scott gar sew with the story. >> after losing three straight, the ravens got their swagger back in this one. they were up 24-7 at the half for the ravens, it's back to back afc north titles and that's something they're proud of. >> -- this was the championship. you know what, back to division champs, that's huge around here. so theexpectation is to win. >> i think fun is a good way to describe this game today. thelast three weeks have been difficult for our ball club. you know, we're not used to losing like that. we stayedconfident can. we knew the things we were capable of and the thing potential we have. >> i love this team. i loveevery single guy on this team. you hear ray talk and you can understand why. this is
of the this storm. snow showers just before dawn. most of us start with snow, and then the changeover and then it will move somewhat north. this is going to be throughout the day on saturday. it includes all of our northern count aies. hartford -- counties. hartford down through howard. not to say that areas across to kent island. you will get a few hours of snow in the morning, an inch or two of slush. temperatures now depends where you're looking at. we're below freezing in york. the freeze line will shift south overnight tonight. the storm is already moving to garret county, but the main storm is still well to the west arriving in earnest through the morning hours. so snow showers by dawn increasing and picking up in intensity mid morning tomorrow. we're talking about a broad 1-3- inch raid across most of the baltimore region. we'll talk about this more and show you the detailed map straight ahead. >> the state says they are ready to handle whatever falls tomorrow from the skies. an is spokesperson says there are more than 2400 pieces of equipment and 2700 workers ready to hit the
. even everyone. the bad weather not taking any time off any time soon. chief meteorologist starts us off. >> the wind becoming a bigger concern through the day tomorrow. power outages possible. winds up to 40 as the storm moves further away from maryland. there is still some rain and snow shower to the west, but they are a little overdone an the radar loop. taking a closer look here, you can see these are lightly scattered rain and snow showers. i don't expect these to produce much accumulation, however, the wind will continue to be a factor tonight and through the day tomorrow in particular. wind gusts reaching 40 at a minimum. high wind advisory up. we have seen gusts up to 40 wilmington. right as it crossed central maryland, it is below freezing in frederick and's ton. so tonight, 34, some rain and snow, windy. we will talk about how things will change through the day tomorrow and the next storm pushing in saturday. all those di tails coming up. >> thanks wyatt everhart. that wind is already causing problems. we checked with people in towson. no street lights or home lights. we are s
may be dealing with. give us your best stories and your prediction for the game. all you have to do is go to we have a couple of other folks. >> you can't root for both. one or the other. >> okay. i'm on your side. don't be yelling at me. >> a man says he wants to be a daddy to daughter he never knew he had. >> her adoptive parents say she's their daughter. how the baby's biological mother was able to trick the adoption agency so her ex- husband never knew about the baby. >>> and we will tell you how cold things will get before they warm up again. >> get a whiff of this. a new perfume from one of america's favorite restaurant. is it perfect for the guy or gal that you're looking for this year. >>> we have a bitter custody battle playing out over a girl who was adopted and her bilogical father who never knew she existed. >> in this case everybody is trying to do what's the best thing for the baby. >> reporter: on one side the girl's bilogical father, on the other her adoptive parents. terry h.hann is a staff sergeant. two years ago while he was stationed in south c
december is back again. we will fine out if the chill will be with us over nice. what do you think, wyatt? >> i'm looking at the possibility of a cold night. temperatures are only in the mid 40s today. now we are in the mid 30s out there. millersville reporting 30. 29 in wedgewood. so yes, a very cold december night. unsettled weather is to the west. now this boundary along with some mild air trying to edge in over the weekend means unsettled weather. the risk of hitting the showers starting tomorrow into the morning hours, a cold start, then the chance for showers in the afternoon. we will talk about how things will change by sunday and there are several changes through the weekend coming up. >> all right wyatt. we take you to hartford county. we have a student who got hurt wrestling at paterson high school. the boy was wrestling when he hurt his spine. he is 16 and in serious condition tonight. >>> a student is charged with bringing a gun to a high school. octavio was arrest. a resource officer found it in the boy's backpack. they didn't find any am in addition. he is 17-year-olds old
it without telling us. >> everybody has gotten two applications mailed to their premise address. >> we have had five years to fill out a short application but four days out, a half million marylanders are in jeopardy of losing hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. >> have you checked to see if you have signed up. >> i have not already signed up. >> john book is filling out his application tomorrow. >>> a lot of people didn't realize that we had to fill it out this year. they didn't list tonight news. i heard about it on the news. >> we tell you how to save money. >> right. >> the savings will end if it is not filled out. you can log onto see if you were approved. >> people should do it, they will miss. >> it you will miss it considering the uncertainty of the federal tax credits, if you are or somebody you know forgets, you will lose out on next year's credit and the law allows you to apply at any time and get the credit for the following year. cheryl conner, abc2news. >>> we will make it easy for you. log to and you will find the link there. >>> take a look, you can see
medicare cost those that make more have to pay more. >> those of with us higher income and retirement should pay more than could be part of the solution. >> reporter: it is a two man negotiate with the speakerfeeling the heat from the right. saturday night live suggested republicans are bullying boehner in the cafeteria. >> not a single member of theparty willing to share his company. he didn't have any milk to drink because, well, tell them why. >> because they took my milk and threw it in the garbage. >> reporter: so did he they make progress? well both sides are being very tightlipped in fact both the speaker's house and white house released the exact same statement word for word. they are both being very quiet. david curley abc news the white house. >>> more on good morning america tomorrow morning 579:00 live from -- at 7:00 live from washington. >>> now the back lack from the royal prank a phone call made from djs where kate middleton was staying. >> and the nurse who took her life. we have a report the djs could face criminal investigation. >> reporter: it was a bad joke that t
that place closed down. it's always been problems over there. >> reporter: police say an ak47 was used in one of the shootings. we know little about the suspect. a black man in his 20s. 180 pounds, and it is possible the liquor board will look at the most recent incident and determine if changes should be made to the license. cheryl conner abc 2 news. >>> he shot a handgun at his sister ask took off. the hartford county sheriff's office say people should be on guard. they have searching for 20-year- old keef burley. he shot through the door of a house hitting his sister. she's expected to survive, but burley got away. the shooting followed an all day argument between burley and his family. >> should the public be concerned. >> absolutely. we believe individual is out and armed and dangerous. we don't know his frame of mind. i don't feel a feeling for what the argument was about so it's hard to predict who he's angry at. >> the family says burley did not live at this home but claim he came back after the shooting leaving before officers arrived. >>> a 33-year-old man was shot in the head overn
hook used his mom's firearms which were brought legally. >> back at school, the conversations are swirling as parents push to prevent school violence we talked about this all day at work, gun safety, mental health, being proactive. >> and another example, chief johnson says the shooter who killed three people at a salon in wisconsin would not have been able to buy a gun if the national law was in place. hebrought it on line to avoid a background check. chief johnsonsays there should also be a limit on high power magazines to no more than ten rounds sadly there was a shooting inside perry hall high school l and another at a middle school. the superintendent says that prompted the district to take action. tonight there was a strong police presence at many schools in the area. theshooting has many districts on high alert. in baltimore county, the superintendent says there are crisis plans in place. >> this is something we take serious any way. safety is the utmost importance to us. >> dr. dan says they are considering enhanced security options like maybe badges for the staff
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about giving away your rights to use a popular service. >> make sure you're not giving away something you can't take back or if you take a picture of your friend you're not giving away something to the friends, because they have a right to their likeness, and their own voices. this says you acknowledge you have the right to give it out, you may not. >> well, again, instagram is changing the wording on its policy, but still important to know the privacy policies of all social media web sites where you have an account. >>> and are you packing up to visit them for christmas or getting ready for an onslaught of visitors. aaa says close to 2 million of us will be hitting the road over the holidays. ninety% of us will drive. the average round trip close to 750 miles. meanwhile gas prices are higher than. they've dropped more than 50 cents. so we're down a little. >>> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> this weekend, travels. what will the weather looks like. looks perfect tonight. the radar scans all clear except a couple of snow showers. you only see this many radars here. just
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11